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The No. 1 Ingredient of Passionate Engagement in Education and Innovation Education 

The No. 1 Ingredient of Passionate Engagement in Education and Innovation

My class of young adults between the age of 18-35, studying Automotive engineering is an amazing class. It has about 70 adults, divided in groups. The majority are males with only four young ladies.

The past two weeks we have been learning communication skills and also we decided to polish our presentation skills as part of our life skills.

Usually I would give a topic in their field of study that is in motor vehicle and ask them to make a presentation in PowerPoint. Each student is required to make a presentation in class so that I examine the skills of speech, listening and all non-verbal ways of communication.

Engagement 2

The Disengagement

Many times, I would find a big number of them not really enthusiastic, passionate, clueless, and struggling to set up the presentation . Imagine this happens in their area of study! I never help them as in showing them what they have to see because my duty as a teacher I have learnt, is to show them where to look in terms of direction,  and not tell them what to see.

Many times I find adults saying ‘my teacher didn’t show me this’. If your teacher showed you where to look and you didn’t see anything, then you as a student you have a problem with the eyes of your mind. So a student should never expect a teacher to tell them what to see.  I have always told my students that, ‘I show you where to look, you tell me what you see’. I show you the book, I give synopsis or little introduction, you read the book you tell me what is in the book, then we continue from there.

[blockquote author=”Kayondo Moses”]”My duty as a teacher I have learnt, is to show them where to
look in terms of direction, and not tell them what to see”.[/blockquote]

The Heart of the Matter is the Matter of the Heart

Back to class… when I saw a good number not as busy as I expected them to be and less enthusiastic presentations made, I quickly realized what the problem was, not the teacher but their own hearts where not into it. So I changed topic, I asked them to choose their own topic of interest and gave them an hour to make a presentation.


After one hour, OMG! I was so amazed by what these knowledgeable adults presented! About 10% presented about what they are actually learning/studying, the rest presented from different fields like art, leadership, music, sports, health, marketing, theology. So I kept asking myself why they are here doing this cause that they are seemingly disinterested in, yet they can be so good at what they love, doing it elsewhere!

They where making such lively and passionate presentations that I had never seen in them, a gust of enthusiasm that created a different atmosphere in the room. I loved every moment as we asked questions and expounded and learnt from each presenter.

About Passion, Talent, Gifts and Interests

I realized many are trying to be what they are actually not wired to be naturally. For many reasons they are stuck in this box of Automotive course. Who will liberate them????

At break time, I casually asked the teachers that if given another opportunity by God for them to choose a path afresh would they still choose same path or profession they are in now. Only one said YES, he loves it and that has always been his dream, he took right path. The rest said NO, its not what they wanted.

The Key to Innovation

This brings me to the Law of volitional responsibility. This law is solid as the law of gravity. We are responsible for the decisions we make, you chose a wrong path, you suffer mediocre, low productivity, leave below optimum, stress and many errors associated with work, low creativity and innovation at work. You chose right you live at optimum and high creativity and innovation, happy at what you are doing.

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