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Is “Rolex Tourism” an Idea well thought out? Entrepreneurship Leadership 

Is “Rolex Tourism” an Idea well thought out?

When a Government official drapes himself in the very colors of the flag of a country, holds a press conference and announces “Government Policy”, we are supposed to take it seriously.

Tourism Minister Launching Rolex Festival in August 2016
Tourism Minister Launching Rolex Festival in August 2016. Credit Ug Insider

By the time the Minister is holding a press conference, common assumption is that many people within the ministry have brainstormed, turning inside out an idea to find the whys and wherefores.

Once satisfied that:

  1. The Idea is to the greatest positive interest of the country
  2. The Idea is viable
  3. The idea will create growth in the Sector which the ministry operates
  4. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages,

then, the Minister has the final say on whether to rubbish the idea or to rubber stamp it and front it.

So it is safe to assume that more than 10 people at the Tourism Ministry did actually think it through before the beloved Minister held a Press Conference to announce that Rolex is Uganda’s new Tourism product. If reports on the press are anything to go by, according to the Local daily, “New Vision”, Minister “Godfrey Kiwanda, announced yesterday that  a carnival will take place in Kampala on Sunday to promote ‘Rolex’ as Uganda’s new tourism product”.

And here is a “Rolex” in its sumptuous appearance. Will tourists come for it?

That announcement might mean the following things:

  • Funds were set aside for the “Launch”
  • Funds will be set aside to publicize the new product
  • Jobs will be created for people to service this new “product line”

Alright. So in the spirit of Entrepreneurship and Business, we all know that we need to mitigate the costs with the benefits that will accrue from it. Several questions come to mind:

  1. Who are our customers? If it is a Tourist attraction, then I believe “Tourists” would be the answer
  2. How much is one Rolex per customer?
  3. In terms of competition (where other countries in the region are launching their own tourism products), will a tourist select a Rolex over the competing products?
  4. Is there a possibility of repeated transactions: Will one tourist eat one after another, and come back another season for more?
  5. Can the ‘sneezers’ boost this new product? Will a tourist eat a Rolex then praise it to such an extent that they will recommend it to another tourist (perhaps one who has never come to Uganda before)?
  6. How much new revenue are we making in Forex exchange from the “Rolex Tourism” to warrant the Product launch?
  7. Will this new product enhance tourism in anyway? Have we tested this idea?
  8. Are there better ideas worth the same publicity as this Rolex Idea?
  9. Is there a way we can pivot this idea to yield to a much better idea?
  10. Do we have an idea Bank at the Tourism Ministry that records and brainstorms on all these ideas?

I think for us at IDEAtv as well as Innovation Village, our biggest question would be: Can we emulate the Ministry of Tourism in terms of Ideation on the account of the “Rolex Tourism” idea?

What are your thoughts on this?

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