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How To Break Your Personal Prison Personal Development 

How To Break Your Personal Prison

How to overpower your mind-warden

One of my resolutions this year was to do something that I would never expect myself to do. And I did it. And it was fun and quite interesting so I did again. I started questioned why I had decided before trying it, and it took down a path of question what else I had talked myself out off

We are all familiar with the saying “never say never” but actually we say never all the time! I will never climb a mountain, I will never do public speaking, I will never eat grass hoppers and the list goes on..they are a Ugandan delicacy! Just take a moment and think about all of those things you’ve said to yourself that you’ll never do and ask yourself why?! Why did I decide yet I’d never tried it. Which label did I put on this adventure before trying it….its too hard, too silly, to complicated…what will they think of me..what if I fail…maybe they’ll reject me…

The hardest restrictions to overcome are those that we inflict upon ourselves. You’ll be surprised at how many things you’ve stopped your self from doing because of fear (failure, inadequacy, shame, indecision etc )

Am not saying people shouldn’t have a personal bar of expectations as long that bar isn’t the reason holding them back from every trying. Because I am an introvert, public speaking is far from appealing to me and I have failed several times but also succeeded in stirring passions in young people. So its more than worth it.

A life lesson I learned from an old lady while volunteering in a remote village she said “I never say no to things I think are good, I say yes then I work up the courage and create a plan to make them happen”. She doesn’t have much, has never left the country, didn’t finish primary school but she changed the way I viewed life. Fail, dust yourself up and get the courage to start again.

We measure ourselves against our pasts and why? Its like training for the marathon every day and instead of realising that the 10 kilometre run is getting easier because you are getting better, you get stuck contemplating just how hard 50 kilometres will be because the 10 kilometre run was soooo hard on the first day.

The past is simply building blocks that have led you to become who you are today, it shouldn’t become your yard stick. If you couldn’t do it last year maybe this year you can, change up a few things maybe you can.

And not everyone is meant to be Leonardo Davinci which is okay. You are meant to capture the world in your own way through your perspective. Why judge your self as a fish when all you are doing is attempting to climb trees. There are vast oceans waiting for you to explore.

So break out of your prison and go try it! Be uncomfortable. Have that conversation with , Give that talk ! Bungee jump.

“A person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have.” — Tim Ferriss

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