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“There are no Ideas in Uganda Worth Investing in”? Really? Entrepreneurship Finance Social Innovation 

“There are no Ideas in Uganda Worth Investing in”? Really?

On Friday the 12th 2016, The Innovation Village Kampala organized the inaugural Innovator’s Night event. The idea behind this event is to spur budding entrepreneurs, innovators and businessmen and women to showcase the efforts of their inspiration and thoughts. The wining Idea would take home the Prize from The Innovation Village. This is the start of many such initiatives. Someone somewhere has said: “There is no business in Uganda worth investing”. The thing is that that is a blanket assessment and it might not necessarily be true. On the other…

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CEO Summit Forum 2015 Entrepreneurship 

CEO Summit Forum 2015

The CEO Forum is the annual gathering of Uganda’s Captains of Business and Industry. The 6th Edition of the CEO Forum saw convergence of 200 business captains, regional thought leaders, academia and the public sector to shape and firm up ideas on the National Development Plan II v2040.  The first of its kind, this years’ CEO Forum was a two day session held at Serena Hotel Kigo with keen focus on what step changes needed to be activated to harmonize the different sectors and stakeholders into playing their role in Uganda’s v2040.

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Meet TAMITHI: The Animation Startup By Fresh Graduates in Uganda Entrepreneurship Personal Development Technology 

Meet TAMITHI: The Animation Startup By Fresh Graduates in Uganda

Award Winners before 1st Anniversary of Startup In the year 2015, the Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC) organized the 3rd version of Uganda Film Festival. The idea is to showcase the landscape of the local film industry. Two young graduates entered the fray and come out tops. The award for the Best Animation went to non other than TAMITHI, who were not even a year old by then! Boot Camps Today, Tamithi is running awesome Boot Camps for children aged between 8 and 17, as well as adults aged between 18…

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Turning the Tide: Changing Uganda Through Positive Conversations Entrepreneurship Social Innovation 

Turning the Tide: Changing Uganda Through Positive Conversations

The most powerful thing on earth is a conversation. Most of the good things and the bad things for that matter that happen on earth are as a result of a conversation. It therefore follows that the quality of the conversations that we are having must be elevated. If we are to change anything in us and around us, the quality of our conversations must of necessity be improved. Last week (I think), I saw a crazy Facebook post by one Entrepreneurial thought leader that Uganda is proud of. He…

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Do Awards Foster Innovation? Entrepreneurship 

Do Awards Foster Innovation?

Inspiration can be gained in several formats. I could decide to do something: So as to be recognized, To solve a problem, As on offshoot of an Idea that came while I was on the move What Inspired Early Inventors The invention of the wheel for example, or the telephone, or the internet, or the bulb…if you look at these major inventions there is something unique about them. For one, each of them were not as a result of Awards being dangled and bids being sought. The story of the…

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