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3 Spiritual Things That Help Radiate Ideas New Thinking Personal Development 

3 Spiritual Things That Help Radiate Ideas

It is possible to be “In The Zone” where you have great ideas oozing out of you again and again. Last week, I read a very powerful post from Inc. magazine in relation to the Late Tupac Shakur.

The man who passed on 25 years ago still makes airwaves with his ideas and his inspiration. There is no doubt about it, Tupac was simply prolific.

You can read the article here.

When you talk about Basketball, one man stands taller than all the legends in that game…Michael Jordan. When you talk about Pop Music, another Michael is a legend in there: Michael Jackson.

These 3 individuals were the most creative people in their niches. They had a very small interval of time between their “In the zone” performances. There must be something that guided them to their creativity, zeal, aura and their legendary performances. We discuss these three things with this post.

3 Spiritual Things

  • Intentionality

An intentional man or woman has a structure in which his/her intentions will not only be done, but also tracked, reviewed, revised and executed again and again and again. So if you would like to radiate ideas, then it follows that you must have some structure in which those ideas are allowed to be birthed, captured, stored and executed. It is true that we receive thousands of ideas daily. Where is the structure for documenting them? Meditating on them? Sharing them? Bringing them to life? Without intentionality, no idea is of use to you.

  • Passion

I have never ever seen a passionate grave yard! Wherever there is passion, there is life! There is creativity! There are tears! There are momentary heartbreaks. But passion invites, radiates, hatches, enrolls and is a beauty to watch. A passionate life is a single-minded life. This means that you get that which you are good at and you are gifted in and you pursue it like a madman! Not for five years…but for decades on end.

Bruce Lee said, “I am not scared of a man who practices 20,000 kicks, but I am scared of him that practices one kick 20,000 times!” Passion speaks of focus. Your ideas will not be helter skelter. They will be from something you care about, something you are passionate about. One thing. What is it? What’s your passion? Answer that…and then your ideas will flow.

  • Urgency

One visionary, I forget his name said: “I live daily as if that would be my very last day…and that is why I am successful”. Living your life with urgency is akin to living your life on the edge. When it is very safe and you are walking on a plateau, it is easy to take life for granted. But when your life is on the balance and you are hanging on the edge of a cliff…that is the moment you are ALIVE!

If you will want ideas to radiate from you occasionally, you need to shun the comfort of life and live your life with urgency…each minute counts. Each day is an opportunity, not just a gift!


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