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It is becoming common for Ugandans to rely on more than just their daytime jobs. They are doing this to make sure they diversify their income streams. But, not everyone finds it easy to keep the scales balanced. As the old adage goes, no man can serve two masters at ago. It indeed applies to the case where your daytime job and side hustle are fighting for your job.

Are you being more loyal to your side hustle or the daytime job? Would you like to balance the scale and get the best out of the two? Then you just have to continue reading. This article will give you some of the tips that I, and other people, have used to keep the scale balanced.

1.      Leverage other’s time

When you have to do two things at ago, you’ll find that 24hrs a day are no longer enough. So how do you make up for that? There are lots of people whose time you make use of. This applies to tasks that don’t need your physical presence or your expertise. Take for example dropping off consignments, invoices and other tasks.


You can get a boda or cab guy to help you with some of these “trivial” tasks. The only thing you’ve to do is get someone responsible you can trust with your work. Otherwise, you don’t want to get someone you’ll for 10 minutes and get there in 30 minutes or more. This will affect the reputation your clients have with you.

Still on leveraging other’s time, you can outsource things that’ll take you longer time to do. You may incur a cost but save time – which is a more important resource. Say if you’re doing a social media gig for many companies, get other people to help you at a cost. All you do is supervise them.

You’ll find yourself doing much more and “present” in places by mere phone calls and messages. How does that sound? So quit being a “do it all by myself” and leverage other people’s time.

2.     Make a daily plan, and stick to it!

Many people just start their days with to do lists. They don’t make an extra effort of specifying when and how they must approach those tasks. Making daily plans is boring, but saves a lot. What is even more interesting is that with time, it will just become a part of you. So how do you do the plan? Make sure all related tasks that follow each other. This will help you cut the cost of switching from one task to another.

Set aside 20 minutes–no more!–every single day to work on your project, and protect those 20 minutes with everything you have. Never let anything get in the way of this time.” ― Rebecca Scott, Hustling 101: Selling Your Talents Without Selling Your Soul

Don’t do any side hustle tasks within the time for your daytime job – unless it’s an emergency. Because you don’t want your productivity affected. Put your side hustle meetings and calls outside your daytime job working hours. This will keep you on good terms with your boss and other co-workers. It’ll also show your level of professionalism.

After making your plans, there’s one tough task ahead – sticking to it. To do all you’ve planned for the day, you must ensure each task is within its allocated time. So, be sure to divide time to avoid “eating” into time for other tasks.

3.     Manage client’s expectations

Clients are funny people. They always want you to deliver a baby in less than 9 months. But, be straightforward with them, always. For example, I deal in supplying of branded packaging products. But a client can give you a call when they need you to a paper bag the following day. Yet you need to make the artwork and other things.

At first I used to tell them it’s possible. Of course I knew it wasn’t possible but I just wanted to be Mr. Yes who never disappoints his clients. But with time I realized that I was in fact disappointing them more by not telling the truth. So what did I do? I started telling them exactly what they wanted was, impossible. And it has helped me maintain a good relationship with them.

So, instead tell them it won’t happen and suggest a time when you’re sure you can. They may not like it but won’t again get disappointed because you haven’t showed up. If possible, put meetings and on weekends or a time when you’ve a lot of time at hand.

If you’re in your early stages of trying out a side hustle, I am sure you can testify how tough the journey is. yet, with a little application of the above tips, things will become easier. For those that have done it for a long time, share with me some of the key tips you’ve used to keep the scale balanced. Or, you can write to me at

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