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What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid? Personal Development 

What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid?

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” ― Thomas A. Edison Failure is often painful, grueling and leaves you with an after taste feeling that makes you wonder why you should bother trying again. Most of us cannot like Edison endure 10,000 ways that won’t work. We are barely able to pick up ourselves up after rejection or embarrassment. Failing put simply is not meeting expectations. The problem is that everyone with a mind has expectations. Whether you like it or not you are failing…

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Left or Right-Automation for the Third World Technology 

Left or Right-Automation for the Third World

Why reverse innovation is a must for Africa There is a silly cartoon and I’ll admit I enjoy watching them from time to time because of how simply and crudely they represent the hardest things in our lives. Anyway in this episode the whole village was going to run a marathon. The chief of the village decided he was going to join in for the first time in his life and he was about 40 at this point. They blew the whistle and everybody was off expect the chief. So…

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Why ‘Mindblindness’ is Killing Your Business New Thinking 

Why ‘Mindblindness’ is Killing Your Business

beyond numbers are people we call customers Mindblindness in an extreme is often attributed to autism or Asperger syndrome. But in some form, most business owners suffer from it too. Entrepreneurs have no issues with building a product or marketing it, the problem is often in trying to take the business to the next level. Its in getting those first customers to keep coming back and to bring their friends along. Because for that, they need to trust you. Business owners often lack the ability to truly empathise with their…

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How To Break Your Personal Prison Personal Development 

How To Break Your Personal Prison

How to overpower your mind-warden One of my resolutions this year was to do something that I would never expect myself to do. And I did it. And it was fun and quite interesting so I did again. I started questioned why I had decided before trying it, and it took down a path of question what else I had talked myself out off We are all familiar with the saying “never say never” but actually we say never all the time! I will never climb a mountain, I will…

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