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A Toast to Uganda General 

A Toast to Uganda

Dea-tráthnóna agus Lá Shona Fhéile Pádraig! My dear Cherubim and Seraphim who grace this Blessed, most beautiful land we all live to love more and more with each passing moment; A stunning country it is, with the loveliest of climes, scenery so amazing and a delightful mélange of flora and fauna. Taking one on a journey most enchanted, from Simba‘s Shea pride-lands in Kidepo, sailing past the Nile’s waters thundering ferociously over Murchison Falls; fluttering by Queen Elizabeth National Park’s ornithological marvels, swinging through Tarzan’s hangouts dotted about from the…

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Impact of climate change in Uganda and the importance of COP21 Social Innovation 

Impact of climate change in Uganda and the importance of COP21

So, what’s COP21 and why does it matter? Conference of the Parties (COP), also known as the Climate Conference, is a gathering of the countries that signed up to an international treaty, called the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC or “UNF-triple C”) in 1992. Last year’s COP in Paris was the 21st conference –COP21, and in 2016, Marrakech will host the 22nd conference –COP22. At COP21, a legally binding commitment called the Paris Agreement was adopted by 196 countries which are parties to the UNFCCC, with the aim…

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